A country-style private house in the west of Ramat Hasharon, 430 square meters built on a 500 square meter lot


Area :250-300




Parking Spots:2

מספר חדרי רחצה:4

Property Overview

A perfect square plot of half a dunam.
Built 430 square meters, basement + 2 floors + attic.

Independent living unit of 3 rooms with separate entrance, large windows, spacious living room, about 100 square meters.

Ground Floor:
Very large living room, kitchen, pantry, dining area, family/TV room, guest toilet.
The stairwell is built at the end of the house (therefore the entrance to the living room is large) in the shape of a semicircle with a glass wall for the entire height.
Large front yard for entertaining.
Back yard with built in pool.
Covered and closed parking for two vehicles.

Room floor:
Two large and luxurious suites with balconies above the pool.
Laundry room with a balcony.
Two children’s rooms with a shared balcony.
Children bathroom.
A wide corridor with storage spaces.
Another balcony on the floor.

Roof floor:
A single bedroom with a display case along the entire wall and access to a tiled roof of about 100 square meters.

The house is 18 years old and very well kept.
Rustic and cozy design style

Property Details


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