Privacy Policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to clarify to the user of the site
(hereinafter “the site”;) the customary privacy policy, including a description of how the site and / or
its owner will use the information, its collection and uses. The site and / or its owners may edit or
change the privacy policy from time to time, and your use of the site and / or the services it offers,
after updating and publishing an updated privacy statement, constitutes your consent to such

The site collects information about all its users in order to improve the quality and quality of the
services that the site provides. There are several types of information stored on the site:
General Information – General information about the users of the site on a cumulative and
anonymous basis in order to improve and optimize the quality and quality of the services provided
through the site in such a way that no identifying information and any personal details can be
associated with the information.

Personal information – information collected by the site from sellers and buyers of properties, and
brokers who represent them, and stored in the company’s databases that are of a personal nature,
such as: If you sell a property – name, phone, email, property address, property price, property size
and more. And if you are purchasing a property – name, phone, email, property address, property
price, property size and more. Personal information is collected only when you choose to provide
such personal information of your own free will.

The site uses the said personal information in order to provide a solution to your needs. Without
derogating from the above, the site and / or its owners will be entitled to use the information
provided by you from the moment of delivery, as specified in this privacy statement.
Providing any information about you within the site, constitutes your consent that you allow the site
and / or its owners to use your details for the purpose of receiving mail either by regular mail or e-
mail or in any other way, including offers with marketing and advertising content and for statistical
processing, segmentation and more. If you are not interested in such mailing, you have the right to
inform us that you are not interested via email

The site and / or its owners may store information that will be collected about you in its databases,
and use it, subject to the terms of use, the privacy policy and in accordance with the provisions of
any law.

By uploading information to the site, you authorize the site and / or its owner to pass on the
information you provide to the relevant brokers – if you are buying a property then to a broker
representing the seller of the property, and if you are selling a property then to a broker chosen by
the company for you.

For the day-to-day operation of the site, including for the purpose of collecting information, verifying
details, and adjusting the site to your preferences, the site makes and / or will use “cookies”. Cookies
are text files, which the user’s browser creates on command from the company’s computers. Some
cookies will expire when you close the browser and others are stored on your computer’s hard drive.
The cookies contain a variety of information such as the pages you have visited, the length of time
you have been using the site, where you came from, sections and information that the user wants to
see when entering the site, your browsing habits, and so on. The information in the cookies is
encrypted, and the site takes precautionary measures to ensure that only its computers or anyone
on its behalf can read and understand the information stored in it. If you want to avoid inserting
such a “cookie” from the site, you must change the settings on the operating site or in the browser
you are using. Furthermore, you can delete these files that have been saved on your computer at
any time.

The site uses the services of external parties, and information coming from third parties. You are
aware that the site and / or its owners do not guarantee that the information is reliable and accurate
and have not checked the reliability of the information of those third parties. The Site and / or its
owners will not be liable for any damage, loss or charge of any kind whatsoever caused to you as a
result of relying on this information.

The site and / or its owners take precautions that comply with the standards used in the field in
order to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of information received by you, however,
despite the above, there is a risk of intrusion into the site’s databases. Therefore, you agree that the
site and / or its owners will not be responsible for any loss of damage or payment caused to you (if
caused (as a result of intrusion into the database on the site and / or transfer of information about
you or information provided by you to any third party, provided they have taken reasonable and
generally accepted steps to prevent such actions.

The site and / or its owners will not sell or pass on to others (except the intermediaries as stated
above), information that will be received about you, without your prior consent, except in the
following cases: (B) there is a dispute between you and the site and / or its owner and / or anyone
on its behalf in connection with the said information; (C) when the use of the website is made in
violation of what is stated in the terms of use and / or in violation of the provisions of any law; (D)
information that does not identify you personally is transmitted, mainly browsing habits and
statistical information;

The site and / or its owners will not be considered as violating a commitment to privacy or infringing
on user privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computer Law 5755, which may identify a
user or track him by another, resulting from the use of electronic media in general and computer
communications in particular.

In any case where you would like to review the information we have about you and update us or
alternatively delete personal information about you or all the information collected about you, you

will have the right to contact us by email. You should be aware that such deletion may harm some of
the services you receive through the Site. For any question or clarification, please contact the email